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Agapanthus Direct

A leading New Zealand supplier of Agapanthus Plants

About Agapanthus Direct

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading New Zealand supplier of Agapanthus Plants, Red Hot Pokers, White Arum Lilies, Buxus Hedging, Lavender plants, and more.

Agapanthus plants - native to southern Africa - are strong growing perennials, popular for their fine foliage and long lasting flowers. Agapanthus are ideal for background plants, edges, fence or driveway entrances. They will grow almost anywhere, whether in deep shade or full sun. Grouped together with Kniphofia (hot pokers) and cannas, agapanthus make a truly impressive display.

Agapanthus plants are easily propagated by division in late winter, or from seed in spring or autumn. Agapanthus - your first choice for a beautiful, low maintainance garden!

Agapanthus Direct is based in Hawkes Bay and we supply large quantities of plants to wineries, resorts, motels, hospitals and councils throughout New Zealand. We specialize in supplying many new sub-divisions and life style blocks.

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